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1 the time at which something is supposed to begin; "they got an early start"; "she knew from the get-go that he was the man for her" [syn: beginning, commencement, first, outset, get-go, start, kickoff, starting time, showtime] [ant: middle, end]
2 a compensating equivalent [syn: counterbalance]
3 a horizontal branch from the base of plant that produces new plants from buds at its tips [syn: stolon, runner]
4 a natural consequence of development [syn: outgrowth, branch, offshoot]
5 a plate makes an inked impression on a rubber-blanketed cylinder, which in turn transfers it to the paper [syn: offset printing]
6 structure where a wall or building narrows abruptly [syn: set-back, setoff]


1 compensate for or counterbalance; "offset deposits and withdrawals" [syn: countervail]
2 make up for; "His skills offset his opponent's superior strength" [syn: cancel, set off]
3 cause (printed matter) to transfer or smear onto another surface
4 create an offset in; "offset a wall"
5 produce by offset printing; "offset the conference proceedings" [also: offsetting]

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  1. Anything that acts as counterbalance; a compensating equivalent.
    Today's victory was an offset to yesterday's defeat.
  2. In the context of "international trade": A form of countertrade arrangement, in which the seller agrees to purchase within a set time frame products of a certain value from the the buying country. This kind of deals are often used in large international public sector contracts such as arms sales.
  3. A time at which something begins; outset.
    You can hear the gun go off at the offset of the race.
  4. Offset printing.
  5. The difference between a target memory address and a base address.
    An array of bytes uses its index as the offset, of words a multiple thereof.
  6. The distance by which one thing is out of alignment with another.
    There is a small offset between the switch and the indicator which some users found confusing.


compensating equivalent
countertrade arrangement
  • Finnish: kompensaatiokauppa
time at which something begins
  • Finnish: alku, aloitus
offset printing
difference in memory addresses
distance by which one thing is out of alignment with another


  1. To compensate for something.
    I'll offset the time difference locally.


to compensate for something
  • Finnish: kompensoida, korvata
  • French: compenser, contrebalancer
  • Spanish: compensar

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The term offset may refer to:
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  • Displacement (vector), specifies the position of a point or a particle in reference to an origin or to a previous position
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absorb the shock, albertype, analog process, annul, antacid, antidote, antipode, antipodes, antipole, antithesis, antonym, atone for, balance, ballast, be at cross-purposes, be opposed to, behavior pattern, book printing, branch, break the fall, bring to nothing, buffer, cancel, cancel out, check, chromotypography, chromotypy, chromoxylography, clash, collotype, color printing, come to nothing, compensate, compensation, conflict, conflict with, consideration, contra, contradict, contrapose, contrast with, contravene, controvert, converse, counter, counteract, counteractant, counteraction, counteractive, counteragent, counterbalance, countercheck, counterirritant, counterpoint, counterpoise, counterpole, counterpose, counterterm, countervail, counterweigh, counterweight, counterwork, cushion, damp, dampen, deaden, digital process, electronography, electrostatic printing, equalize, equalizer, equipoise, equiponderate, equivalent, even out, even up, feeling, filiation, foil, frustrate, give-and-take, graphic arts, gravure, halftone engraving, history of printing, hunting, impress, impression, imprint, indemnify, input oscillation, invalidate, inverse, job printing, juxtapose in opposition, letterpress, letterpress photoengraving, line engraving, lithography, lithogravure, lithophotogravure, mackle, make amends, make good, make restitution, make up, make up for, makeweight, mimeograph, negate, negativate, negative, neutralize, neutralizer, nullifier, nullify, obverse, offcut, offprint, offset lithography, offshoot, onset, oppose, opposite, opposite number, oppugn, oscillatory behavior, outweigh, overcorrection of error, overshoot, palaeotypography, photo-offset, photochemical process, photoengraving, photogelatin process, photographic reproduction, photography, photolithography, phototypography, phototypy, photozincography, planographic printing, planography, play at cross-purposes, preventative, preventive, print, printing, printmaking, process, prophylactic, publication, publishing, quid pro quo, recompense, redeem, redress, reimburse, reissue, relief printing, remedy, repay, reprint, reverse, rotary photogravure, rotogravure, run counter to, self-excitation, set off, setoff, sheetwork, shoot, show consideration, show mercy, show pity, soften, soften the blow, something of value, sprout, square, square up, stamp, stencil, stop, stultify, suppress, the contrary, the other side, three-color printing, thwart, tit for tat, two-color printing, typography, typolithography, undo, vis-a-vis, vitiate, void, wood-block printing, xerography, xeroprinting, xylotypography, zincography
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